Risk Manager

We provide you with the best tools to build a customised fraud screening profile that helps you address fraudulent activity and chargebacks
We help you prevent fraud by monitoring and adjusting your rule performance in your unique profile

Our features

  • Holistic payment and risk solution
  • Comparing and lowering fraud globally
  • Easy configuration with hundreds of combinations and parameters
  • Cross-industry fraud monitoring
  • A wider view across a variety of merchants and business models
  • Automated negative list checks

Paywize Smart 3DS Service

We supply you with a solution to manage the 3DS as required under PSD2
Our Smart 3DS dynamically routes transactions via the appropriate 3DS flow in real time

Key features

  • Dynamic 3D Secure
  • Improved mobile UX
  • Easy to integrate
  • Acquirer agnostic
  • Compliance to PSD2
  • Identify risky transactions
  • Reduce abandonment
  • Extra authentication


We support you with the most reliable and up to date payment platform

  • Scalable for
    business growth
  • Can handle over 8 times its
    average in processing volumes
  • Our system is monitored
    24/7 around the world
  • Add a number of gateways
    to support volumes
    of transactions
  • Your business expansion
    will never be locked down
    by payments technology


We help you manage payments by producing reports and analytics. We offer financial, risk and marketing reports and analytics data

  • Understand who are your real customers
  • Gain access to a simple data layout of important information
  • Marketing reports provide you with details about conversions
  • Understand your financial data by uncovering a single transaction level
  • Risk reporting exposes you to chargebacks, eKYC and client fraud rules